Nez Perce Peak

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Nez Perce Peak
Nez Perce GTNP1.jpg
The summit of Nez Perce Peak from the southeast
Highest point
Elevation 11,906 ft (3,629 m) [1]
Prominence 461 ft (141 m) [1]
Coordinates 43°43′10″N 110°47′48″W / 43.71944°N 110.79667°W / 43.71944; -110.79667Coordinates: 43°43′10″N 110°47′48″W / 43.71944°N 110.79667°W / 43.71944; -110.79667[2]
Parent range Teton Range
Topo map USGS Grand Teton
First ascent Fryxell/Smith 1929
Easiest route Scramble

Nez Perce Peak (11,906 ft (3,629 m)) is located in the Teton Range, Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming, immediately southeast of Grand Teton.[3] The peak is in the central portions of the range, immediately east of Cloudveil Dome and is sometimes considered to be part of what is collectively known as the Cathedral Group. Nez Perce rises to the south of Garnet Canyon and is a dramatic peak that dominates the skyline to the west of Bradley and Taggart Lakes. When viewed from the western section of Jackson Hole, Nez Perce often obscures the view of Cloudveil Dome as well as South Teton, even though both summits are higher.


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Nez Perce Peak