Ngái people

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Ngái people
Người Ngái
Total population
4,841 (1999)[1]
1,035 (2009)[2]
Regions with significant populations
Vietnam: Quảng Ninh, Thái Nguyên, Haiphong
Hakka Chinese, Vietnamese
Mahayana Buddhism
Related ethnic groups
Hakka people, Chinese Vietnamese

The Ngái (Vietnamese: Người Ngái) are a Hakka people in Vietnam and other nearby countries of Indochina, who originally come from southern China.[3] However they “have never considered themselves Hakka. Because no one, including Chinese people, knows how to categorize the Ngái people, they were simply categorized as Hakka”.[4]

According to Vietnamese sources the Ngái people speak Hakka, a Sino-Tibetan language but are classified separately from the Hoa or urban ethnic "Overseas Chinese". Other sources claim that “the Hakka language is not similar to the Ngai language”.[4] According to official data, the Ngái population was 4841 in 1999[1] but down only 1035 in 2009.[2][5]

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