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Ngāti Hauiti is a Māori iwi of New Zealand it is centred in the Rangitīkei in the lower North Island.

Awa FM is the radio station of Ngāti Hauiti, Te Āti Haunui-a-Pāpārangi and Ngāti Hauā. It began as Te Reo Irirangi O Whanganui 100FM on 17 June 1991. Between July 1992 and June 1993 it also operated a separate station in Ohakune, known as Te Reo Irirangi Ki Ruapehu or Nga Iwi FM, combining local programmes with shows from 100FM.[1] It is available on 100.0 FM in Whanganui, 91.2 FM in Ruapehu, and 93.5 FM in Taumarunui.[2]

In the 2013 census in New Zealand, 1,026 people claimed affiliation with Ngāti Hauiti.[3]


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