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Ngai (Engai, Enkai, Mweai, Mwiai) is the monolithic Supreme God in the spirituality of the Kamba and Kikuyu of Kenya. Ngai is creator of the universe and all in it. The Kikuyu worshiped Ngai facing the Mt. Kirinyaga (Mount Kenya) while prayers and goat sacrificial rituals were performed under the sacred Mugumo tree (a fig tree species). Ngai often was referred to as "Mwene Nyaga" meaning (the Owner of the mountain).

According to Kikuyu [creation myth]], Ngai created humanity, first man called Gikuyu and first woman called Mumbi. Ngai created a mountain "As his resting place when on inspection tour and a as sign of his wonders."[1] Gikuyu and Mumbi bore nine daughters who became the origins of 9 clans of Kikuyu people. "The names of the main clans are: (1)Acheera; (2) Agachiko; (3) Airimo; (4) Amboi; (5) Angare; (6) Anjiro; (7) Angoi; (8) Ethaga; (9) Aitherando." [1]

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