Ngaju people

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Ngaju people
Dayak Ngaju
Dayak Baiju
COLLECTIE TROPENMUSEUM Model van een zielenboot TMnr 4946-1.jpg
Ship model of a soul boat. Such vessels are used by the Dayaks Ngaju for celebrations of the dead (tiwah).
Total population
Regions with significant populations
Central Kalimantan (324,504)[1]
Ngaju language
Christianity (Protestant Christian & Catholicism), Islam, Kaharingan
Related ethnic groups
Dayak people (Bakumpai people)

Ngaju are indigenous people of Borneo from the Dayak group.[2] The Ngaju people first appeared as a newly recognized people group in census 2000 and were made up of 18.02% of Central Kalimantan population, which before this the Ngaju people were considered as part of the Dayak people in a 1930 census.[3] They speak Ngaju language.


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