Ngando Pickett

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Ngando Pickett
Nationality Cameroon
Other namesHenry Mouyebe
Known forFootball mascot

Henry Mouyebe, better known as Ngando Pickett is a high-profile Cameroonian football fan.[1] He is recognisable at Cameroon national football games for his painted body and musical displays.

His friends named him after Wilson Pickett as he was an accomplished dancer.[2]

In May 2010, sports manufacturer Puma SE used his image in a high-profile advertising campaign without his permission. Pickett is now contemplating legal action against Puma.[3] Speaking of the incident he said "I am extremely embarrassed as my image is everywhere, I have rights to my image on my person. I have nothing with Puma. Puma has no right to use my picture."[4]


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