Nganguela language

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Created by Emil Pearson
Date dictionary 1970
Sources Luvale, Luchazi, Mbunda, & Luimbi
Official status
Official language in
Angola (national language)
Regulated by Instituto de Línguas Nacionais
Language codes
ISO 639-3 None[1]
Glottolog None

Ngangela is a standardized mixture of four closely related Bantu languages that serves as one of the national languages of Angola. In that capacity it replaced Mbunda, one of its components. Ngangela was created by the missionary Emil Pearson to allow a single translation of the Bible to serve all four communities, and an Ngangela–English Dictionary was published in 1970. The four constituents of Ngangela are the Chokwe–Luchazi languages Luvale, Luchazi, Mbunda, and Luimbi.[2]

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