Ngarua Caves

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Stalactites above walkway through Ngarua Caves

The Ngarua Caves are a series of limestone caves in the Takaka Hill range south of Abel Tasman National Park.

The caves are located close to Takaka Hill's summit, adjacent to State Highway 60 as it winds its way over the Takaka Hill between Motueka and Upper Takaka. Scheduled tours suitable for people of all ages are provided by a commercial operator from the car park and cafe situated at the cave entrance. The caves cannot be visited unattended.[1]

Ngarua Caves contain a variety of cave formations along a comfortable 300 metres (980 ft) walkway through the caves, as well as notable displays of Moa bones remaining in the caves. Ngarua Caves is listed as one of the "101 Must-Do's for Kiwis".[2]

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