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Ngāti Rānana is a Māori cultural group based in London. It aims to provide 'an environment to teach, learn and participate in Māori culture and to promote New Zealand through Māori culture.[1] The group regularly performs throughout the United Kingdom and the rest of Europe.


In 1959 the group was founded by a small group of London-based New Zealanders as the London Māori Club.[2] In 1971 it was renamed the Ngāti Rānana London Māori Club. 'Ngāti' denotes a tribe or iwi and 'Rānana' is a Māori language transliteration of the word London.

Ngāti Rānana has a close association with the High Commission of New Zealand in London.

Founding member Esther Jessop was named New Zealander of the Year in Britain for 2009.[2]

Since 2005 the New Zealand Studies Association has issued the "Rahera Windsor Award for New Zealand Studies", in honour of one of Ngāti Rānana's founding members, Rahera Windsor.[3]

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