Ngāti Tahu - Ngāti Whaoa

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Ngāti Tahu / Ngāti Whaoa
Iwi of New Zealand

Ngāti Tahu - Ngāti Whaoa is a Māori iwi of New Zealand[1][2] who are the descendants of Te Arawa canoe.[3]

Te Arawa FM is the radio station of Te Arawa iwi. It was established in the early 1980s and became a charitable entity in November 1990.[4] The station underwent a major transformation in 1993, becoming Whanau FM.[5] One of the station's frequencies was taken over by Mai FM in 1998; the other became Pumanawa FM before later reverting to Te Arawa FM.[6] It is available on 89.0 FM in Rotorua..[7]

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