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Ngau Tam Mei Road, a main road in Ngau Tam Mei

Ngau Tam Mei (Chinese: 牛潭尾; literally: "Ox Pool End"), also known as Yau Tam Mei (攸潭尾), is a suburb located at Yuen Long at the New Territories, a place where the Guangzhou-Shenzhen-Hong Kong Express Rail Link may pass by in the future.[1] It is located at the east of Fairview Park, the north of San Tin village and Kai Kung Leng,[2] the northwest of Lam Tsuen Country Park,[3] and also at the northeast of Nam Sang Wai.


Since there is no MTR stations in Ngau Tam Mei, people living in Ngau Tam Mei mainly travel on minibuses, buses and also on bicycle. There are three main roads in Ngau Tam Mei, which are: Ngau Tam Mei Road, San Tin Highway and Castle Peak Road. Moreover, a proposed railway station, namely Ngau Tam Mei Station, may be built in Ngau Tam Mei in the future to serve the local residents.

Future developments[edit]


The Guangzhou–Shenzhen–Hong Kong Express Rail Link Hong Kong section which is currently under construction will pass through Ngau Tamn Mei.[1] In addition, an Ngau Tam Mei Station is also proposed as an intermediate station of the MTR Northern Link provided that significant development can be seen in the surrounding areas.[4]

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