Ngawha Springs

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Ngawha Springs
Ngawha Springs is located in Northland Region
Ngawha Springs
Ngawha Springs
Coordinates: 35°24′32″S 173°51′36″E / 35.40889°S 173.86000°E / -35.40889; 173.86000
Country New Zealand
Region Northland Region
District Far North District

Ngawha Springs is a small settlement approximately five kilometres east of the town of Kaikohe, Northland in New Zealand.

It is the location of Ngawha Springs, a hot water spring that reputedly has therapeutic properties for those who bathe in its waters, and is the source of the steam used at the Ngawha geothermal field's power station. The Ngawha Prison is also nearby, the only prison in Northland.

Entry to the hot water springs cost $4 per adult. Facilities are very basic and it is recommended that you bring footwear. There are no showers, only basic changing facilities. The pools themselves vary daily in temperature and so give you a wide range of hot springs from the rather cool 32'c to the extremely hot "Favourite" and "Doctor". A taste of the more traditionally run springs at a bargain price. Note that you will smell rather sulphurous.

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Coordinates: 35°24′32″S 173°51′36″E / 35.409°S 173.860°E / -35.409; 173.860