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Flag of Ngchesar

Ngchesar also known as "Oldiais" is one of the sixteen states of the small pacific island nation of Palau. There are about 300 inhabitants, and its capital is Ngchesar. It is the sixth largest state in terms of land, with an area of roughly 40 square kilometers, and it is located on the eastern side of the island of Babeldoab Island, northwest of Airai State, and southeast of Melekeok State, where the Palauan government is situated. The sacred totem of Ngchesar is the Stingray. Ngchesar is famous for its war canoe "kabekel" named Bisbush which means Lightning.

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Coordinates: 7°27′N 134°35′E / 7.450°N 134.583°E / 7.450; 134.583