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The Ngcoya people are part of the Pondo (Mpondo) people of the Eastern Cape in South Africa. There are several stories as how about the Ngcoya clan came about, The most common two is that there was a Mpondo King, Bhala, and he had many wives. One of his wives begot a son and they said to the wife that "Uyagcoya" which meant joy. She then named her child Ngcoya, and then his childre adapted the surname Ngcoya from uNgcoya, the child of iNkosi uBhala. The other less common story is that there were two sons from the Ngcobo clan and the younger brother because of his acts was to be awarded the crown, but because it was the birthright of the older brother he gt very angry and there was a feud between the two brothers, but the younger brother did not want to start family drama so he took his people, the ones that believed he was the true successor of the crown, he then left the Ngcobo clan and went to go start his own clan. And changed his clan from the Ngcobo clan to the Ngcoya clan. Those are the two main types of stories as to how the Ngcoyas came about. Each clan had clan names known as izithakazelo, which were names obtained for very close association with certain clans and for doing certain things. The clan names of the Ngcoya people are:



Thahla Ndiyeni

Laba abahlamba ngobende benyamazane abanye behlamba ngobenkomo

Choboza mhlanga kuvela ilanga

Laba abagqiba umgodi udilika