Ngumpin–Yapa languages

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Pilbara region, Australia
Linguistic classificationPama–Nyungan
  • Desert Nyungic
    • Ngumpin–Yapa
Ngumpin-Yapa languages.png
Ngumpin–Yapa languages (green) among other Pama–Nyungan (tan). Ngumpin is the group in the north, and Yapa (Ngarrka) the south. The tan gap in the green is Ngardi.

The Ngumpin–Yapa a.k.a. Ngarrka–Ngumpin languages are a family of Pama–Nyungan languages of the Pilbara region of Australia.[2]

Ngardi, once classified as either Ngarrga (2002) or Ngumpin (2004), has been reassigned to the Wati languages.[2]


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