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Người Việt
Nguoi Viet News.jpg
Người Việt Daily News Head Quarter
Type Daily newspaper
Format Print, Digital, Online, Video, Social Media
Owner(s) ESOP
Founder(s) Đỗ Ngọc Yến
Publisher Nguyễn Khả Lộc
Founded December 15, 1978
Language (Vietnamese), (English)
Headquarters Westminster, California
Circulation 9,956 (July 1, 2015 - June 30, 2016) - Verified Audit Circulation
Sister newspapers Saigon Nhỏ (Little Saigon News)

Nguoi Viet Daily News (Vietnamese: Nhật báo Người Việt) is the first and largest daily newspaper published in Vietnamese in the United States. The newspaper was started by Yen Ngoc Do in 1978. Its name derives from người Việt, meaning "Vietnamese people".

Nguoi Viet Daily News began as a weekly four-page newspaper. The first issue, dated December 15, 1978, was printed in Do's garage in Orange County, California with the assistance of his entire family. Do financed the initial press run of 2,000 copies with $4,000 of his own savings.

The first edition of Nguoi Viet Daily News was a four-page magazine, printed and distributed on December 15, 1978, in San Diego, California. After operating as a weekly magazine for some time, the publication became Nguoi Viet Daily News in 1985. The headquarters of Nguoi Viet Daily News now are located in the Little Saigon area of Westminster, in Orange County.

The publication has an average daily circulation of 13,736 copies, as audited and certified by Verified Audit Circulation. Copies of Nguoi Viet Daily News can be found at newspaper vending machines, bookstores, and Vietnamese markets and stores in Orange County, Los Angeles County, and via home-delivery to residences in the central area of Orange County.

Nguoi Viet Daily News also publishes four weekly editions: Nguoi Viet North-East, Nguoi Viet Houston, Nguoi Viet San Francisco, and Nguoi Viet Utah.

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