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Nguri (Chinese: 牛乳; pinyin: niurŭ; Pe̍h-ōe-jī: ngu5-ri2; lit. "bovine milk") is a buffalo's milk cheese of Fujian province, China. It is in a ball-shape approximately the size of a table tennis ball and has a soft, leathery texture. It is made by shaping with a cheese cloth the mixture of milk and vinegar that has been marinated in a salty brine.[1] It is served as a condiment to plain rice congee. A small bite of this condiment could complement a large mouthful of plain congee, as it is very salty.

It is also sometimes referred to as Giam-ngu-ring (Chinese: 鹹牛奶; pinyin: xianniunai; lit. "salty milk"), and is said to originate from Jiaomei in Zhangzhou, Fujian.

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