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Nguyễn Hồng Nhị was a MiG-21 fighter ace of the Vietnam People's Air Force's 921st Fighter Regiment. Eight kills have been attributed to him with three confirmed by the United States Air Force. However, it was common practice for American pilots to claim that they were downed by surface-to-air missiles or anti-aircraft guns, this being considered "less embarrassing" than losing in a dogfight[1]

He successfully ejected on 1 August 1968 after being shot down by two Sidewinders from a US Navy VF-51 squadron F-8 Crusader.[2]

The following kills are known to be credited to him by the VPAF:[3][4]

  • 4 March 1966, a USAF AQM-34 unmanned aerial vehicle;
  • 14 March 1966, another AQM-34;
  • 8 November 1967, a USAF F-4D (pilot Gordon, WSO Brenneman);
  • 17 December 1967, a USAF F-105D;
  • 1 August 1968, a USN F-8;
  • 18 May 1972, an American F-4.

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