Nguyễn Khang (politician)

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Nguyễn Khang (1919 in Kiến Xương, Thái Bình – 1976 in Hanoi) was a Vietnamese communist politician. He was a member of the Standing Committee of the Communist Party of Indochina, Tonkin, Chairman of the Provisional Revolutionary Committee in the North, and General Director of Hanoi during the August revolution in 1945 following the surrender of Japan.[1] Subsequently he was Vietnam's Ambassador to the People's Republic of China.


  1. ^ Georges Boudarel, Văn Ký Nguyêñ Hanoi, 1936-1996: du drapeau rouge au billet vert 1997 Page 87 "... dans la banlieue de la capitale, à la nouvelle de la capitulation sans condition du Japon, le comité local du Parti communiste indochinois se réunit aussitôt sous la direction de son secrétaire, Nguyên Khang."