Nguyễn Sơn

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Nguyễn Sơn (1 October 1908 – 21 October 1956), also known by his Chinese name Hong Shui (Chinese: 洪水), was a Vietnamese military leader who participated in the Chinese Communist Revolution and the First Indochina War against the French.[1][2][3] Sơn spent much of his early years in China, and was one of the few Vietnamese who had participated in and survived the Long March with the Chinese Communist Party.[4] He was awarded the rank of Major General in both the Vietnam People's Army and the Chinese People's Liberation Army.[5]

He married Lê Hằng Huân, a daughter of the writer Lê Dư, his sisters-in-law being Lê Hằng Phương wife of the writer Vũ Ngọc Phan, and Lê Hằng Phấn wife of the writer Hoàng Văn Chí.


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