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Nguyen Do at Jack London's museum, 2010

Nguyen Do (1959) is a Vietnamese American poet, editor, and translator.

Nguyen Do was born in Đông Thái village, Hà Tĩnh Province in December 16, 1959 and moved to Hanoi as a youth. After taking degrees in surveying from Hanoi Construction College and in literature from Vinh University, he taught at a high school in city of Pleiku then lived for many years in Ho Chi Minh City, where he worked as an editor and reporter for a literary review and other newspapers and magazines before moving to the United States to study English and journalism in 1999.

He has published thirteen books. His poetry collections include The Fish Wharf and The Autumn Evening (in collaboration with Thanh Thảo, Culture and Information Department of Gialai Kontum province, 1988), "The Empty Space" (The Publisher of Vietnamese Association Writers, 1991), and New Darkness (The Publisher of Vietnamese Association Writers, 2009.) With Paul Hoover, he edited and translated Black Dog, Black Night, an anthology of contemporary Vietnamese poetry (Milkweed Editions, 2008; eBooks, iBooks, nookBooks editions, 2011- named as "The Best Anthology of Year" by Coldfront magazine),[1] Beyond the Court Gate Selected poetry of Nguyen Trai (Counterpath Press, 2010), 12+3 selected poetry of Thanh Thao, bilingual edition edited (Association Writers of Vietnam, 2008,) and Returning to Con Son Selected poetry of Nguyen Trai, bilingual edition edited and with photographs and poems in six-eight Vietnamese traditional version by poet Nguyen Duy (Saigon Culture Publisher, 2009.) He also edited and translated poetry of Allen Ginsberg, Robert Frost, William Carlos Williams... into Vietnamese.

Nguyen Do's poetry and his translations have been appeared in many anthologies including Litfinder (Cengage Learning,) and in poetry magazines around the United States and the world. In 2005, he received a grant from The Poetry Foundation of New York City “for his contribution to poetry of the world”. In 2016 he was chosen one of five best Southeast Asia poets.[2] He lives in San Francisco Bay, California.


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