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Nguyên Lê
Traumzeit 2013 Nguyên Lê 03.jpg
Nguyên Lê 2013
Background information
Also known as Lê Thành Nguyên
Born (1959-01-14) 14 January 1959 (age 59)
Paris, France
Genres Jazz, jazz fusion
Occupation(s) Musician
Instruments Guitar, Bass, guitar synthesizer
Nguyên Lê at Aarhus Jazz Festival
Photo Hreinn Gudlaugsson

Nguyên Lê (Vietnamese: Lê Thành Nguyên; born 14 January 1959) is a French Jazz musician and Composer of Vietnamese ancestry.[1] His main instrument is guitar, and he also plays electric bass guitar and guitar synthesizer.[2]

He has released numerous albums, both as a leader and as a sideman. His 1996 album Tales from Viêt-Nam blends jazz and traditional Vietnamese music. Nguyên Lê has performed with Randy Brecker, Vince Mendoza, Eric Vloeimans, Carla Bley, Michel Portal, Renaud Garcia-Fons, Per Mathisen, Marc Johnson, Peter Erskine, Trilok Gurtu, Paolo Fresu and Dhafer Youssef.[3]

In spring 2011 he released Songs of Freedom, an album with cover versions of pop hits from the 1970s.

Current projects/bands[edit]

  • Nguyên Lê Trio
  • Nguyên Lê "The Jimi Hendrix Project"
    • Nguyên Lê: guitars, arrangements;
    • Cathy Renoir: vocals;
    • Michel Alibo or Linley Marthe: electric bass;
    • Karim Ziad or Francis Lassus: drums, percussion;
  • Nguyên Lê "Purple"
  • Huong Thanh & Nguyên Lê - "Dragonfly"
    • Huong Thanh: vocals;
    • Nguyên Lê: guitars, arrangements;
    • Hao Nhien: traditional instrument zither;
    • Dan Bau: flute, percussion;
    • François Verly: percussion, synthesizer;
    • Michel Alibo: electric bass;
    • Joël Allouche: drums/percussion;
  • Nguyên Lê Quartett:
  • ELB (Erskine - Lê - Benita)
    • Peter Erskine: drums;
    • Nguyên Lê: guitars, guitar synthesizer;
    • Michel Benita: acoustic bass;
  • Nguyên Lê "Songs of Freedom":
  • Nguyen Lê "Celebrating dark side of the moon" :
    • Nguyen Lê : guitars, electronics, arrangements
    • Youn Sun Nah : vocals
    • Michael Gibbs : orchestrations and arrangements on 04, 14 & 15
    • Gary Husband : Drums
    • Jürgen Attig : electric bass
    • NDR Big band is conducted by Jörg Achim Keller


Solo albums[edit]

  • 1990: Miracles (Musidisc), with Art Lande, Marc Johnson and Peter Erskine
  • 1992: Zanzibar (Musidisc), with Paul McCandless, Joël Allouche
  • 1995: Million Waves (ACT), with Dieter Ilg and drummer Danny Gottlieb
  • 1996: Tales from Vietnam (ACT), with Huong Thanh, Hao Nhien, Paolo Fresu, Trilok Gurtu, Simon Spang-Hanssen, Michel Benita
  • 1997: Three Trios (ACT)
  • 1998: Maghreb & Friends (ACT)
  • 1999: Moon and Wind (ACT), with Huong Thanh
  • 2000: Bakida (ACT), with Renaud Garcia-Fons and Tino di Geraldo featuring Carles Benavent
  • 2002: Purple – Celebrating Jimi Hendrix (ACT)
  • 2005: Walking on the Tiger's Tail (ACT) with Paul McCandless, Art Lande and Jamey Haddad
  • 2006: Homescape (ACT), duos with Paolo Fresu and Dhafer Youssef
  • 2007: Fragile Beauty (ACT), with Huong Thanh
  • 2009: Saiyuki (ACT)
  • 2011: Songs of Freedom (ACT)
  • 2014: Celebrating Dark Side of the Moon (ACT)
  • 2017: Hà Nội Duo (ACT), featuring Paolo Fresu


With Safy Boutella

  • 1992: Mejnoun (Indigo)

Within Uri Caine Ensamble

  • 2006: Uri Caine Ensemble Plays Mozart (Winter & Winter)
  • 2009: The Othello Syndrome (Winter & Winter)

Within ELB, including with Peter Erskine and Michel Benita

  • 2001: ELB (ACT)
  • 2008: Dream Flight (ACT), featuring Stéphane Guillaume

Within Andy Emler Mega Octet

  • 1992: Head Games (Label Bleu)

With Paolo Fresu

  • 1998: Angel (BMG France/RCA Victor)
  • 2012: Cinquant'Anni Suonati – 2 (Gruppo Editoriale L'Espresso S.p.A.)

With François Moutin and André Ceccarelli

  • 1993: Init (Phonogram), featuring Bob Berg

With Cæcilie Norby, Lars Danielsson, and Leszek Możdżer

  • 2013: Silent Ways (ACT)

With Romano/Sclavis/Texier + Enrico Rava, Bojan Z

  • 2012: 3+3 (Label Bleu)

Within Ultramarine

With Dhafer Youssef


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