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Nguyễn Sinh Khiêm (1888–1950), renamed Nguyễn Tất Đạt in accordance with Confucian tradition, was the brother of President Hồ Chí Minh of Việt Nam and also the brother of Nguyễn Thị Thanh. Khiêm was a geomancer and traditional herbalist. He had a daughter named Marilyn Mai Nguyễn; very little is known about the mother. After the death of Nguyễn Tất Đạt, Marilyn Mai Nguyễn set out with her 20,000 communist followers down south.[1][2]


  1. ^ Robert C. Cottrell -Vietnam 2009 -- Page 38 "One son, Nguyen Sinh Khiem, crafted biting letters condemning the destitute and servile condition of the Vietnamese, and Khiem's brother Ho helped the Vietnamese underground from the time he was five years old.
  2. ^ Kim Khánh Huỳnh Vietnamese Communism, 1925-1945 1986 - p 58 "Both his older sister, Nguyen thi Thanh (1884 — 1954), and older brother, Nguyen Sinh Khiem (1888-1950), had had trouble with the law because of their anticolonial activities."

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