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Như Loan
Birth name Loanne Le
Born (1981-04-20) April 20, 1981 (age 37)
Bảo Lộc, Lâm Đồng Province, Vietnam
Genres Pop
Labels Thúy Nga
Website www.nhuloan.net

Như Loan (born April 20, 1981) is a Vietnamese singer who is currently signed under the music label Thúy Nga; one of the largest overseas Vietnamese music productions that is responsible for Paris By Night, a hit musical variety show. Như Loan was introduced to Thúy Nga Paris By Night through designer Calvin Hiep, whom she has modeled for in the past. She started her singing career as a back-up singer in Paris By Night and was later given the opportunity to sing on stage as a professional singer in Paris By Night 62. Như Loan sang her debut solo in Paris By Night 63 with the song “Men Say Tình Ái ”.

Như Loan released her first solo CD in 2006 titled Tình Lặng Câm, as well as a duet CD titled Sunday Buồn with singer Bảo Hân, and a group CD titled Mong Anh Sẽ Đến with singers Bảo Hân, Loan Châu, and Tú Quyên. She has also been appearing in Thúy Nga's Paris by Night videos and DVDs since 2001. Như Loan has released her second solo CD in mid-2008, planning to release other products in the near future.


'Như Loan' is her stage name which was given to her by her producers. She was named after a famous Vietnamese actress known for her beauty. She currently resides in Costa Mesa, California.


Như Loan has released several CDs that have become top-sellers throughout the years. Her first CD, released in 2002, was Mong Anh Sẽ Đến which featured herself and other singers of Thúy Nga: Bảo Hân, Loan Châu, and Tú Quyên. In 2003, she released a duet CD with singer Bảo Hân titled Sunday Buồn. After continuous requests and demands from fans, Như Loan released her debut solo CD titled Tình Lặng Câm in July 2006. She finished her second solo CD in 2008. Như Loan is also working on other projects, as well as picking out songs for her third solo CD, set to release in the near future


Best of Như Loan[edit]

Singer: Như Loan

Special guest: Tran Thai Hoa, Lam Nhat Tien, Nguyen Thang, & Nguyet Anh

# Song List
1 Yeu Nhau Duoi Nang Mai - Nhu Loan
2 Men Say Tinh Ai - Nhu Loan
3 Khi Co Chang - Nhu Loan
4 Nguoi Dien Biet Yeu
5 Neu Khong Co Em Ben Doi - Nhu Loan & Tran Thai Hoa
6 Boulevard - Nhu Loan
7 Khi Giac Mo Ve - Nhu Loan & Lam Nhat Tien
8 Buon Trong Dem Mua - Nhu Loan
9 Em Muon Tin Anh - Nhu Loan
10 Tinh Da Lang Quen - Nhu Loan & Nguyen Thang
11 Hoi Nguoi Tinh - Nhu Loan
12 Mau Xanh Tinh Yeu
13 Ve Day Anh
14 Nhung Ngay Mua Gio/Noi Nho Diu Em - Nhu Loan & Nguyet Anh

Mong Anh Sẽ Đến[edit]

ft. Như Loan, Bảo Hân, Loan Châu, & Tú Quyên

# Song List
1 Lang Du - Nhu Loan & Bao Han
2 Se Khong Nhu The - Bao Han
3 Ngay Do Ta Yeu Nhau - Tu Quyen
4 Bai Tango Xa Roi - Loan Chau
5 Mong Anh Se Den - Nhu Loan
6 Chi Minh Em Thoi - Tu Quyen
7 Mat Nai Chachacha - Loan Chau
8 Hay Cho Em Ngay Mai - Bao Han
9 Trai Tim Khong Loi - Tu Quyen
10 Didn't You Know - Nhu Loan
11 Tinh Oi - Nhu Loan, Bao Han, Loan Chau, & Tu Quyen

Sunday Buồn[edit]

ft. Như Loan & Bảo Hân

# Song List
1 Sunday Buồn - Như Loan & Bảo Hân
2 Một Thời Đã Qua - Bảo Hân
3 Nguyện Cầu Tuyết Rơi Trên Sa Mạc - Như Loan
4 Về Với Em - Bảo Hân
5 Em Mơ Bên Chàng - Như Loan
6 Quên Đi Ngày Tháng - Bảo Hân
7 Yêu Như Ngày Mới Quen - Như Loan
8 Thổn Thức Một Tình Yêu - Bảo Hân
9 Cô Đơn - Như Loan
10 Xuân Tình Nồng - Như Loan & Bảo Hân

Paris By Night[edit]

Như Loan's first appearance in Thúy Nga was in Paris By Night 57: Am Nhac Va Thoi Trang 1 as a model in Calvin Hiep's fashion show. She also appeared as a back-up singer in Paris By Night 58: Nhung Sac Mau Trong Ky Niem. Như Loan's first performance on stage as a professional and contracted singer of Thúy Nga was in Paris By Night 62: Âm Nhạc Không Biên Giới 1 in 2001.

The following table lists the Paris by Night shows that Như Loan took part in:

# Appearances in Paris by Night
105 Paris By Night 105: Nguoi Tinh
104 Paris By Night 104: VIP Party 2
104 Paris By Night 104: The Beginning
103 Paris By Night 103: Tinh Su Trong Am Nhac Viet Nam
102 Paris By Night 102: Nhac Yeu Cau Tinh Ca Lam Phuong
101 Paris By Night 101: Hanh Phuc Dau Nam
VIP Party Paris By Night: V.I.P Party
100 Paris By Night 100: Ghi Nho Mot Chang Duong
Divas Paris By Night Special Edition: Divas
99 Paris By Night 99: Toi La Nguoi Vietnam
98 Paris By Night 98: Flying With Us To Las Vegas
97 Paris By Night 97: Celebrity Dancing 2
96 Paris By Night 96: Nhac Yeu Cau 2
95 Paris By Night 95: 25th Anniversary
94 Paris By Night 94: 25th Anniversary
93 Paris By Night 93: Celebrity Dancing
92 Paris By Night 92: Nhạc Yêu Cầu
91 Paris By Night 91: Huế, Sàigòn, Hà Nội
90 Paris By Night 90: Chân Dung Người Phụ Nữ Việt Nam
89 Paris By Night 89: In Korea
88 Paris By Night 88: Lam Phương - Đường Về Quê Hương
86 Paris By Night 86: PBN Talent Show - Semi-Finals
85 Paris By Night 85: Xuân Trong Kỷ Niệm
84 Paris By Night 84: In Atlanta - Passport to Music & Fashion
82 Paris By Night 82: Tiếu Vương Hội
81 Paris By Night 81: Âm Nhạc Không Biên Giới 2
80 Paris By Night 80: Tết Khắp Mọi Nhà
79 Paris By Night 79: Dreams
77 Paris By Night 77: 30 Năm Viễn Xứ
76 Paris By Night 76: Xuân Tha Hương
75 Paris By Night 75: Về Miền Viễn Đông - Journey to the Far East
74 Paris By Night 74: Hoa Bướm Ngày Xưa
73 Paris By Night 73: Song Ca Đặc Biệt - The Best of Duets
72 Paris By Night 72: Tiếng Hát Từ Nhịp Tim
71 Paris By Night 71: 20th Anniversary
69 Paris By Night 69: Nợ Tình
68 Paris By Night 68: Nửa Vầng Trăng
67 Paris By Night 67: In San Jose
65 Paris By Night 65: Yêu
63 Paris By Night 63: Dòng Thời Gian
62 Paris By Night 62: Âm Nhạc Không Biên Giới
58 Paris By Night 58: Những Sắc Màu Trong Kỷ Niệm
57 Paris By Night 57: Thời Trang Và Âm Nhạc

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