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  • Record producer
  • Label owner R.O.T. records
  • DJ
  • Composer
  • Artist

Nhoah (*1961 in Berlin, unique spelling NHOAH [1]) is a music producer, composer, DJ and artist who lives and works in Berlin and Vienna.

Early life and career[edit]

In 1980, Nhoah played the drums in various local bands in Berlin (i.a. Aeroflot, Komeda Artist)[2][3][4][5] and worked alongside numerous international artists who resided in the city (e.g., Jayne County, Romy Haag,[6] Hot Java).

Around this time electronic means of music production gained momentum and computationally derived sounds began to influence his work significantly. He continued to compose, produce and engineer musical content (e.g., for Larry Steinbacheck/Bronski Beat, Gareth Jones, Rio Reiser, Marianne Rosenberg)[7][8] working mainly in Hansa Tonstudio and Tritonus Studio Berlin.[2]

Several contract works followed (i.a. The Pogues, Peacock Palace, David Hasselhoff).[9][10][11]

In 1998, he founded the record label and artist management company "R.O.T respectortolerate“ to support and mentor the development of artistic talent from which multiple successful projects originated (e.g., MIA., The Aim of Design Is to Define Space, Schlindwein,[12] Lulu Schmidt[13]).[9][14][15]

In 2011, the first album of his project Tangowerk by Nhoah was released. It mirrors musical influences from the notorious electro clubs of Berlin and tango orchestra from Buenos Aires. Many of the contributors are internationally recognised artists such as Adriana Varela,[16] Louie Austen, Berlin Comedian Harmonists, Mieze Katz (from MIA.), Walter "Chino" Laborde, Ina Viola or Lulu Schmidt. The project also features elaborate visuals (video: Carola Schmidt), a complimentary movie and a stage play are in the making [17] The album Tangowerk was nominated for the German Record Critics' Award Preis der deutschen Schallplattenkritik.[18]

Nhoah received various gold and platinum awards for his productions. His work includes collaborations with the producers of The Eurythmics, Depeche Mode and Bronski Beat's Larry Steinbachek.

Since 2017, NHOAH has performed as a live-act and DJ. Since then, he released one studio album,[19][20] several EP´s and a live album with electronic music. Mainly in the genres Techno, Deep House and Electronica.

Spanning over decades, Nhoah's comprehensive body of work continues to garner the recognition of publications such as Resident Advisor,[21] The Quietus,[22] TRAX Mag,[23][24] Clash Mag,[25] PopMatters,[26] Data Transmission,[27] The Arts Desk, Be At TV,[28] Electronic Groove and BBC 6 Music’s Nemone.


Nhoah’s recent releases include his debut album West-Berlin (2018), featuring remixes from the likes of 808 State and μ-Ziq.

Following the Be At TV premiere of ‘Stairway To Nothingness - Glacier Concert’ (2019), a live video was recorded on a suspended glass stairway at 9000 feet, on the highest mountain of Styria, Austria: the Dachstein Glacier.

Albums (selected)[edit]

Year Title Contribution[29]
2017 West-Berlin by NHOAH producer/songwriter/mixing engineer
2018 ‘Stairway To Nothingness - Glacier Concert’ bay NHOAH producer/songwriter/mixing engineer
2017 Electronic Piano by Schlindwein producer/mixing engineer
2015 Berlin Sounds For The Next Decade by Various Artists producer/songwriter/mixing engineer
2014 Execss All Areas  by Tangowerk producer/songwriter/mixing engineer
2012 Tacheles by MIA. producer/mixer/songwriter
2011 Tangowerk by Tangowerk by Nhoah producer/mixer/songwriter
2008 Willkommen im Club by MIA. producer/mixer/composer
2006 Zirkus by MIA. producer/mixer/songwriter
2005 Good Time by The Aim of Design Is to Define Space producer/mixer
2005 David vs. Goliath von Flexevil producer/mixer
2004 Stille Post by MIA. producer/mixer/songwriter
2003 Gosen U Can Rave 2 von The Aim Of Design Is To Define Space producer/mixer
2002 Hieb und Stichfest by MIA. producer/mixer/composer
1996 Gift by Peacock Palace artist/producer/composer
1993 Paraphernalia by Peacock Palace artist/producer/composer
1991 Adding Wings by Peacock Palace artist/producer/composer
1991 David by David Hasselhoff arranger
1990 Crazy For You by David Hasselhoff arranger/composer
1988 Komeda Artist by Komeda Artist artist/producer/songwriter
1986 Flugblatt by Romy Haag arranger/songwriter

Singles (selected)[edit]

Year Title Contribution[29]
2019 Nocturne by Schlindwein producer/mixing engineer
2019 I Can`t Satiyfy You by NHOAH producer/songwriter/mixing engineer
2019 Fire by Lulu Schmidt producer/co-songwriter/mixing engineer
2019 Mountain Calls by NHOAH producer/songwriter/mixing engineer
2018 Der Goldene Ball by NHOAH producer/songwriter/mixing engineer
2018 Call You Up by Schlindwein producer/mixing engineer
2018 Abstellgleis by NHOAH producer/songwriter/mixing engineer
2018 120 Red Skies by NHOAH producer/songwriter/mixing engineer
2017 The Final Start by Marc Prochnow producer/co-songwriter/mixing engineer
2016 Beautiful Day/Fucking Berlin by Schlindwein feat. Lulu Schmidt producer/co-songwriter/mixing engineer
2015 Yoko Ono by Baum&Hoena producer/co-songwriter/mixing engineer
2015 Sweet petite by Dr. Hirschfeld&Das Institut producer/songwriter/mixing engineer
2012 Fallschirm by MIA. producer/arranger
2011 Tuyo Soy/Ob Ich Dir Treu Sein Kann
by Tangowerk by Nhoah feat. Walter "Chino" Laborde/
Berlin Comedian Harmonists/Karina Beorlegui
2011 Dancing On The Volcano
by Tangowerk by Nhoah feat. Headvoice
2008 Mein Freund by MIA. producer/mixer/co
2007 Zirkus by MIA. producer/mixer/composer
2006 Tanz der Moleküle by MIA. producer/mixer/composer
2005 Stadtschlagader by Flexevil producer/mixer
2005 Glamour Star/State Outta Babylon by Mistah Bomsh producer
2004 Ökostrom by MIA. producer/mixer
2004 Sonne by MIA. producer/mixer
2004 Hungriges Herz by MIA. producer/mixer
2003 Was Es Ist by MIA. producer/mixer/composer
2002 Kreisel by MIA. producer/mixer
2002 Verrückt by MIA. producer/mixer/composer
2002 Alles Neu by MIA. producer/mixer/composer
2002 Machtspiele by MIA. producer/mixer/composer
2001 Factory City (Electropunk Remix) by MIA. producer/remixer
1996 First Time by Peacock Palace feat. Andrew Richley (The Pogues) artist/producer/composer
1996 Mellow Man by Peacock Palace artist/producer/composer
1993 Heatwave by Peacock Palace artist/producer/composer
1992 Looking For Freedom (Remix) by David Hasselhoff remixer
1991 Henry's Song by Peacock Palace artist/producer/composer
1991 Like A Snake by Peacock Palace artist/producer/composer
1991 The Other Side Of Town by Sterling songwriter
1990 Keep The Jungle Alive by Smash producer/songwriter
1990 New Life by Scam Jam producer/songwriter
1988 Monkey Forest by Komeda Artist artist/producer/songwriter
1988 Muscles by Komeda Artist artist/producer/songwriter
1987 Heaven by Komeda Artist feat. Larry Steinbacheck (Bronski Beat) artist/producer/songwriter

Soundtracks (selected)[edit]

Year Film Contribution[29]
2016 Beautiful Day by Schlindwein feat. Lulu Schmdit in Fucking Berlin[30] Song-Feature
2016 Innocent Dubstepmix by NHOAH/Tangowerk Song-Feature
2008 Bassonia Documentary Song-Feature
2008 Spielverderber Film Song-Feature
2007 Wir bitten Dich, verführe uns! Short film by Carola Schmidt Film music
2003 2 Ryk Og En Afelevering Film Song-Feature
2003 Führer Ex Film Movie theme
1998 Cobra 11 TV series Remixed movie theme
1996 Wolkenstein TV series Movie theme

Other works[edit]

Together with Carola Schmidt, he received the short film newcomer award of the Diagonale (Filmfestival) 2008 in Austria, for the short film: "Wir bitten Dich, verführe uns!".[31]

Under the pseudonym H.Flug, he applies himself as a photographer, painter and writer, exhibiting his works in renowned galleries and exhibitions and frequently collaborating with visual and performance artists (i.a. Eric Tannhäuser, Carola Schmidt).[1][9][32]


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