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Nikola Kovač
NiKo competing at an ESL event
Personal information
Born (1997-02-16) 16 February 1997 (age 22)
Career information
Current teamFaze Clan
GamesCounter-Strike: Global Offensive
RoleRifler (lurker)
Secondary AWPer
Career prize money$684,855.13[1]
Career history
2010-??-?? – 2013-1?-??Team Refuse
2012-11-06 – 2013-12-16iNation
2013-12-16 – 2014-??-??GamePub
2014-??-?? – 2015-01-12aimface
2015-01-12 – 2015-03-04iNation
2015-03-04 – 2015-05-04mousesports
2015-05-04 – 2015-08-30mousesports (Backup)
2015-08-30 – 2017-02-19mousesports
2017-02-19 – presentFaze Clan

Nikola Kovač (born 16 February 1997), better known by his in-game alias NiKo, is a Bosnian professional Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and former Counter-Strike 1.6 player, who plays for FaZe Clan[2], serving as a rifler (lurker) and secondary sniper. He is considered by many to be one of the best players in the world.[3]

NiKo first gained notoriety across Europe after being picked up by the Serbian team iNation. His impressive performances led to interest from mousesports, who signed him in March 2015.[4] In February 2017, thanks to his impressive performance, he was recruited by FaZe Clan in a bid to garner together a star-player team. He is the cousin of another professional CS:GO player, Nemanja "huNter" Kovač, who is currently playing for G2 Esports.[5][6]


NiKo's first big tournament win was at StarLadder i-League StarSeries Season 3, followed by a winless period of five months with a near miss at Esports Championship Series Season 3. Following a re-shuffle of the FaZe roster, bringing in the two best players of 2015; Olof "olofmeister" Kajbjer Gustafsson and Ladislav "GuardiaN" Kovács,[7][8] FaZe was rejuvenated and managed back-to-back flawless victories at ESL One: New York 2017 and ELEAGUE CS:GO Premier 2017. Following this, the team went two months without a win before taking the Esports Championship Series Season 4 trophy over mousesports at the end of the year. Falling just short in ELEAGUE Major: Boston 2018, the first Major of 2018,[9] the team then entered another lull, this time with Richard "Xizt" Landström standing in for olofmeister, until they managed to take home Intel Extreme Masters XIII - Sydney, and shortly after, managing to win ESL One: Belo Horizonte 2018 trophies at the beginning of the summer with Jørgen "cromen" Robertsen as a stand-in. In October 2018, FaZe came first place in the EPICENTER 2018 event in Moscow, Russia, making this his seventh first place victory at a premier event with FaZe Clan.

Awards & Recognition[edit]

  • Was voted the 11th best player of 2016 by[10]
  • Was voted the 2nd best player of 2017 by[11]
  • Was voted the 3rd best player of 2018 by[12]
  • Was voted the MVP of 4 different tournaments.[13]


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