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Ni Kuang
Ni Kuang at Hong Kong Shue Yan University, November 2007
Ni Kuang at Hong Kong Shue Yan University, November 2007
Born (1935-05-30) 30 May 1935 (age 85)
Ningbo, Zhejiang, Republic of China
OccupationNovelist, screenwriter
GenreWuxia, science fiction
Ni Kuang
Ni Cong
(birth name)
Traditional Chinese倪聰
Simplified Chinese倪聪
(courtesy name)

Ni Cong (born 30 May 1935), courtesy name Yiming, better known by his pen name Ni Kuang (also romanised Ngai Hong, I Kuang and Yi Kuang), is a Hong Kong-American novelist and screenwriter. He has written over 300 Chinese-language wuxia and science fiction novels, and more than 400 film scripts.


Ni was born in Ningbo, Zhejiang, but grew up in Shanghai. He worked as a public security official under the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) government in the 1950s in Inner Mongolia and was tasked with writing death sentences. He once questioned the local party chief about why a particular man was sentenced to death, when the offence he committed (as stated on paper) was for being a landlord. The chief threatened to execute him if he continued to ask questions. According to Ni, he complied with the order because he feared for his own life. This was not the only instance in which Ni wrote a questionable death sentence which was categorised under "others" by the CCP government. These experiences made Ni decide to escape from China to Hong Kong in 1957.

Ni's science fiction novels usually take the form of detective/mystery stories featuring extraterrestrial life as a deus ex machina to explain the impossible and implausible. His best known works are the Wisely Series (Wai See-lei 衛斯理) and Dr Yuen (Yuen Chun-hap 原振俠) novel series, both of which have been adapted into films and television series. His criticism of communism is evident in some of these works.

Ni also co-wrote scripts with Chang Cheh for the Shaw Brothers Studio, including for the films One-Armed Swordsman, The Assassin and Crippled Avengers. As the screenwriter for the 1972 film Fist of Fury, he didn't received credit for creating the protagonist, Chen Zhen, who was played by Bruce Lee. The credits listed director Lo Wei as author. Chen Zhen became a popular Chinese culture hero and the subject of numerous remakes and adaptations of Fist of Fury. Notable actors such as Jet Li and Donnie Yen have portrayed Chen Zhen on screen after Bruce Lee. Ni wrote the screenplay for China's first superhero film Inframan.

Ni is a friend and fan of the wuxia writer Louis Cha (Jin Yong). He wrote at least one extended segment in Cha's novel Demi-Gods and Semi-Devils when Cha was on holiday in Europe, although much of his additions were excised in Cha's first revision. Ni, while helping Cha write nearly 40 days of serialisation while Cha was abroad, made A'zi, a character in Demi-Gods and Semi-Devils, blind in the story.[1] Cha has since edited his novel.

In 1992, Ni migrated to the United States, where he continued his writing career, when he heard that the British were planning to transfer the sovereignty of Hong Kong to the Chinese government. However, he returned to Hong Kong in 2006 because his wife could not adjust to the lifestyle in the United States.

Personal life[edit]

Ni has four brothers and two sisters: Ni Yifang (倪亦方), Ni Yixiu (倪亦秀), Ni Yijian (倪亦儉), Ni Yiping (倪亦平), Ni Yishu (倪亦舒) and Ni Yijing (倪亦靖). He is married to Li Guozhen (李果珍) while his younger brother, Ni Yiping, is married to Li's younger sister.

Ni and Li Guozhen have a son and daughter. Their son, Joe Nieh (倪震; Ni Zhen), who works in the Hong Kong entertainment industry, is married to actress Vivian Chow. Their daughter is Ni Sui (倪穗).

Political views[edit]

Ni is a known anti-communist. In an interview, when asked about his feelings regarding injustice in China, he stated that the people would continue suffering as long as the Chinese Communist Party remains in existence. He mentioned that the most important value in the world is individual freedom, which includes respecting others' personal freedom as well.


Science fiction series[edit]

  • Wisely Series
  • Dr Yuen Series 原振侠系列
    • 天人 Tian Ren
    • 迷路 mi lu
    • 血咒 xue zhou
    • 海異 hai yi
    • 寶狐
    • 靈椅
    • 奇緣
    • 精怪
    • 鬼界
    • 魔女
    • 失魂
    • 降頭
    • 巫艷
    • 愛神
    • 尋找愛神
    • 大犯罪者
    • 幽靈星座
    • 黑暗天使
    • 迷失樂園
    • 劫數
    • 快活秘方
    • 變幻雙星
    • 血的誘惑
    • 催命情聖
    • 黑白無常
    • 自殺陰謀
    • 假太陽
    • 無間地獄
    • 人鬼疑雲
    • 魂飛魄散
    • 宇宙殺手
    • 天皇巨星
  • The Asian Eagle Lo Hoi series 亞洲之鷹羅開系列
    • 鬼鐘
    • 妖偶
    • 魔像
    • 怪頭
    • 巨龍
    • 蛇神
    • 蜂后
    • 火鳳
    • 飛焰
    • 夜光
    • 異人
    • 死結
    • 解開死結
    • 困獸
    • 遊魂
  • 非人協會系列
    • 魚人,三千年死人,兩生,主宰,泥沼火人,大鷹
  • 年輕人與公主系列
    • 神機,暗算,天敵 ,夜歸,四條金龍,消失女神,離魂奇遇,神話世界,足球,寶刀, 手套,大寶藏,尺蠖
  • Magnolia, the Lady in Black series 女黑俠木蘭花系列
    • 巧奪死光錶,血戰黑龍黨,火海生死鬥,海底火龍,地獄門,勇破火箭場,神祕高原,雷庫驚魂,死亡織錦,電眼怪客,冰川亡魂,奪命紅燭,智擒電子盜,死亡爆炸網,殺人獎金,隱形奇人,高空喋血,怒殲赤魔團,連環毒計,秘密黨,旋風神偷,天外恩仇,大破暗殺黨,魔掌餘生,血濺黃金柱,神祕血影掌 ,鑽石雷射,北極氫彈戰,潛艇迷宮,玻璃偽鈔模,黑暗歷險,人形飛彈,軍械大盜,斷頭美人魚,蜘蛛陷阱,無敵兇手,沉船明珠,無價奇石,失蹤新娘,怪新郎,金庫奇案,龍宮寶貝,珊瑚古城,獵頭禁地,魔畫,死神宮殿,復活金像,遙控謀殺案,地道奇人,蜜月奇遇,冷血人,生死碧玉,電網火花,古屋奇影,金廟奇佛,天才白癡,生命合同,三屍同行,無風自動,無名怪屍
  • Teenage Wisely Series 少年衛斯理系列
    • 少年衛斯理、天外桃源
  • 浪子高達系列
    • 珍珠蕩婦、盜屍豔遇、紅粉貓 、血美人、水晶豔女、金球紅唇、微晶之秘、超腦終極戰
  • 俠盜影子系列
    • 麗人劫、寶石眼
  • 神探高斯系列
    • 晚禮服,鬼照片,水中寶盒,怪房子,預告, 出術,飛艇,魔鬼的舞蹈,未卜先知, 迷途橫禍, 怪人奇騙,妖女煞星,擒兇記,金髮女,及時趕到,弄假成真,霧夜煞星,催眠之術,奇蹟,粉紅鑽石,太陽神 ,金酋長,奇輪,風向,亞洲皇后, 黑美人,閃電天,古墨,三與四

Wuxia novels and others[edit]

  • 六指琴魔
  • 六指琴魔续集
  • 龙虎双剑侠
  • 八俊杰
  • 宝剑千金
  • 冰天侠女
  • 长虹贯日
  • 飞针
  • 故剑
  • 红镖
  • 火凤凰
  • 黄土
  • 金腰带
  • 杀气严霜
  • 铁蝙蝠
  • 铁手无情
  • 小白凤
  • 新独臂刀
  • 银剑恨
  • 哑侠
  • 不了仇
  • 铁拳
  • 紫青双剑录
  • 通神
  • 異軍
  • 蛇王石
  • 創造
  • 血美人
  • 心變
  • 一劍情深
  • 情天劍痕
  • 俠血红翎
  • 江湖浪子
  • 紅塵白刃
  • 飄花劍雨
  • 慧劍情絲
  • 劍谷幽魂
  • 劍亂情迷
  • 玲瓏雙劍
  • 血掌魅影
  • 玉女金戈
  • 一劍動四方
  • 一劍振八方
  • 南明潛龍傳
  • 斷腸刃
  • 虎魄冰魂
  • 飛燕情刀
  • 俠女英魂
  • 倩女情俠
  • 十三太保
  • 太虛幻境
  • 騙徒
  • 香港怪故事
  • 香港鬼故事
  • 香港鬼故事·第2集
  • 香港鬼故事·第3集
  • 倪匡談金庸
  • 倪匡鬼話系列
    • 寶寶不要哭、麻將遇鬼記、搖搖搖,搖到外婆橋、倪匡說鬼、自來鬼、見聞傳奇、廁所裡有鬼、城市怪故事


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