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The coat of arms used by the Niadh Nask

The Niadh Nask was a self-styled nobiliary association devised by the self-styled MacCarthy Mór, Terence Francis MacCarthy. It was alleged to be a nobiliary fraternity which developed from the old warrior-guard of the Kings of Munster. In reality there is no evidence of the existence of an organized body of that name before ca. 1990. The group dissolved when it was proven that its Grand Master claimed a false pedigree. He resigned in 1999. It was also determined at this time that the association had no historical precedent.

In 2007, a site was set up by an unknown McCarthy to re-commission the Niadh Nask as a Chivalric order but failed. The site - - has been shut down. However, the order has recently been reformed under the basis of a non-profit organization designed to promote Gaelic culture.

Nia Naisc[edit]

The Nia Naisc was a Scottish re-creation of the fake Irish order created by MacCarthy in the 1980s.

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