Niagara Falls International Marathon

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Niagara Falls International Marathon
LocationBuffalo, USA–Niagara Falls, Canada
Event typeRoad
Official siteNiagara Falls International Marathon

The Niagara Falls International Marathon is an annual marathon running competition from Buffalo, New York, United States to Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada. Originally known as the Skylon International Marathon (Jesse Kregal, Founder and Race Director), it was first held in 1974, then had a ten-year break from 1987 to 1996 before being relaunched in 1997. The course records are held by Peter Pfitzinger, who ran 2:17:10 in 1980, and Nicole Stevenson of Canada, whose time of 2:37:09 in 2004 is the women's record.[1]

It is one of the few marathons in the world that starts in one country and finishes in another. Some other marathons cross international borders but return to the start, like the Monaco Marathon and the Unionsmarathon. The Niagara Falls International Marathon passes a border control, while the mentioned European borders have no border control thanks to the Schengen Union. The participants of the Niagara Falls Marathon have to show passport or NEXUS card at the start, which will be given back at the finish line or kept by the racer during the race.[2]


The marathon begins in Buffalo, New York at the Albright-Knox Art Gallery. The first 6.5 kilometers (4.0 mi) are along the historic parkways of Buffalo before crossing the Peace Bridge into Fort Erie, Ontario, Canada. The remainder of the route is in Canada. After a very brief segment following the Queen Elizabeth Way, the route curves south and then north again along the Niagara Parkway, a landscaped road which winds along the Niagara River. Kilometer 42, the end of the race, faces the Niagara Falls on the U.S.-Canada international border in the city of Niagara Falls, Ontario.

Past winners[edit]

Key:   Course record

Edition Year Men's winner Time (h:m:s) Women's winner Time (h:m:s)
1st 1974  Russell Pate (USA) 2:22:53  Ellen Turkel (USA) 2:58:16
2nd 1975  Marty Sudzina (USA) 2:23:16  Eleanor Thomas (CAN) 3:16:18
3rd 1976  William Stewart (USA) 2:24:01  Patricia Hall (CAN) 2:58:49
4th 1977  Richard Hughson (CAN) 2:20:31  Susan Kahler (USA) 3:00:11
5th 1978  Carl Hatfield (USA) 2:17:21  Jacqueline Gareau (CAN) 2:57:01
6th 1979  David M. Smith (USA) 2:17:30  Virginia Kraft (USA) 2:52:18
7th 1980  Pete Pfitzinger (USA) 2:17:10  Leslie Watson (GBR) 2:54:57
8th 1981  Terrence Stanley (USA) 2:18:50  Nancy Mieszczak (USA) 2:40:48
9th 1982  Terrence Stanley (USA) 2:22:18  Heather Clemenson (CAN) 2:58:49
10th 1983  Bernard Prabucki (USA) 2:21:28  Vicki Scanlon (CAN) 2:56:38
11th 1984  Richard Mannen (CAN) 2:19:40  Deborah Dye (USA) 2:55:18
12th 1985  Mark Coleman (USA) 2:30:29  Charlene MacDonald (CAN) 3:07:20
13th 1986  Kazuya Nishimoto (JPN) 2:17:35  Maria Grazia Navacchia (ITA) 2:50:49
1987–96 did not held
14th 1997  Glen Marttila (CAN) 2:37:53  Katie Dosser (CAN) 2:55:41
15th 1998  Brett Forgesson (BER) 2:39:59  Glenda Morris (CAN) 3:06:31
16th 1999  Smartex Tambala (MAW) 2:29:13  Eriko Asai (JPN) 2:50:48
17th 2000  Joseph Maina (KEN) 2:21:45  Danuta Bartoszek (CAN) 2:38:29
18th 2001  Jean-Paul Niyonsaba (BDI) 2:24:28  Danuta Bartoszek (CAN) 2:46:42
19th 2002  Shingirai Badza (ZIM) 2:27:53  Cindy Keeler (USA) 2:50:18
20th 2003  Wilson Komen (KEN) 2:23:13  Leslie Carson (CAN) 2:54:25
21st 2004  Moses Cheserek (KEN) 2:22:22  Nicole Stevenson (CAN) 2:37:08
22nd 2005  Matthew McInnes (CAN) 2:18:12  Nicole Stevenson (CAN) 2:46:41
23rd 2006  Simon Njoroge (KEN) 2:18:12  Elena Rozhko (UKR) 2:43:16
24th 2007  Thomas Omwenga (KEN) 2:33:12  Louise Voghel (CAN) 3:02:36
25th 2008  Matt Loiselle (CAN) 2:27:33  Elizabeth Primrose (CAN) 2:55:26
26th 2009  Andrew Smith (CAN) 2:27:53  Tara Quinn-Smith (CAN) 2:46:40
27th 2010  Steve Bohan (CAN) 2:27:48  Jill Gamble (CAN) 2:56:10
28th 2011  Brendan Kenny (CAN) 2:28:47  Meggan Franks (CAN) 2:52:17
29th 2012  Benard Arasa (KEN) 2:26:04  Paula Wiltse (CAN) 2:51:57
30th 2013  Lucas McAneney (CAN) 2:22:41  Paula Wiltse (CAN) 2:48:54
31st 2014  Lucas McAneney (CAN) 2:27:58  Stephanie Strittmatter (CAN) 2:58:02
32nd 2015  Taylor Kraayenbrink (CAN) 2:30:55  Paulina Golic (POL) 2:53:11
33rd 2016  David Savard-Gagnon (CAN) 2:30:32  Lindsay Moreau (CAN) 3:17:28
34th 2017  Stuart Galloway (CAN) 2:57:07  Al Tufano (USA) 3:29:14

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