Niakhar Arrondissement

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Niakhar Arrondissement
Location in the Fatick Department
Location in the Fatick Department
Country  Senegal
Region Fatick Region
Department Fatick Department
Time zone GMT (UTC+0)

Niakhar Arrondissement (Serer proper : Ñaaxar[1] or Ñakhar,[2] other variation : Nakhar) is an arrondissement of the Fatick Department in the Fatick Region of Senegal.

In religion and mythology[edit]

According to Serer cosmogony, the Saas tree (acacia albida) which is considered to be a fertlity tree and a tree of life among the Serers is abundant in this area which assist in crop rotation and intensive farming.[3] The Jolax matriclan — one of the old Serer matriclan who are enshrined in Serer mythology and legend, are also reported to be heavily concentrated in Niakhar Arrondissement. As of 1983, at least 375 people are reported to be members of this clan.[2]


The arrondissement is divided administratively into rural communities and in turn into villages.


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