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The Niazi (Pashto: نيازي‎, Niāzī; IPA: [niːˈɑːziː]), Niazai, Nyazi, Nyazai, Niyazi or Niyazai is a Pashtun tribe which originated in eastern Afghanistan and northwestern Pakistan.


See also: Bannu

The Niazi originally lived in the Salghar area, on the border of present-day Afghanistan and Pakistan. Betan was the son of Qais Abdur Rasheed, who migrated east and settled in Tank. For several generations the Niazi were traders and carriers with their cousins, the Marwats, with whom they were allied. In the late 15th century, the Niazi expanded north toward present-day Lakki Marwat and settled on the banks of the Kurram and Gambila rivers south of Bannu. They migrated across the Kurram towards Isakhel, Trag and Kamar Mushani, settling in Mianwali District.[citation needed]

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