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Nib-Lit is a weekly comics journal edited by Mykl Sivak and published both independently in an electronic format as well as running as a two-page section in Southern News, the student newspaper of Southern Connecticut State University. The journal features original and syndicated strips by a wide range of international cartoonists, both established and up-and-coming. It features a number of comics formats from single panel comic strips, to multi-page graphic short stories, to serialized graphic novels. The journal also prints comics related columns and criticism by writers from within and outside of the comics world. Nib-Lit also regularly releases a podcast featuring interviews with creators from across the comics world.

Nib-Lit sponsors and organizes the New Haven Summer Comics Fest. The Fest is a one-day event featuring artist and publisher tables; panel discussions; short films and animations directed by and/or featuring work of comics creators; comics slide shows; and a keg of free beer. The event exists in conjunction with the New Haven Street Fest, a yearly event coordinated by the not-for-profit group Ideat Village[1]


Nib-Lit is released weekly as a full-color digital download [2] During the fall and spring semesters, it is printed as a two-page spread in the Southern News. Each page measures 22.75 x 12.75 inches. While most newspaper comics sections reduce the size of strips and panels, Nib-Lit publishes comics 11.25 inches wide, a single comic spanning the entire width of the paper.[3]

As well as weekly issues, Nib-Lit frequently releases special download only editions including Complete Volume anthologies and Artist vs. Artist expanded-page editions.


Notable contributors include:

  • Tony Millionaire, creator of the comic strip Maakies and the comic book Sock Monkey.
  • Shannon Wheeler, creator of the comic strip Too Much Coffee Man.
  • Howard Cruse, creator of Wendel and Gay Comix.
  • Nick Abadzis, creator of the graphic novel Laika.
  • Sean Pryor, illustrator for Smith Magazine's Harvey Pekar Project
  • Sam Henderson, cartoonist, writer and expert on American comedy history.
  • Steve Skeates, writer for DC Comics and Marvel Comics.
  • Kristyna Baczynski, cartoonist and animator for BBC, Maker's Mark Whiskey, and more.[4] [5]
  • Josh Bayer & Jouquin de la Puente, creators of Bam-Bam and the Barbarians.
  • Marc Palm, a.k.a. Swellzombie, VHS historian and creator of Swellzomies lair of the Psychic Creature.
  • Box Brown, creator of Bellen!
  • Nicolas Chalupa Chanic, editor of Lazer Art Zine, Belgian arts journal.
  • Jarod Rosello
  • Craig Collins, Iain Laurie, Dave Alexander
  • Mike Wood, author of Alchemy.


Podcast interviews include:


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