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Reconstruction of a traditional Ainu dwelling (cise, pronounced "chee-seh"), outside of the Nibutani Ainu Culture Museum

Nibutani (Japanese: 二風谷), or Niptani (Ainu: ニプタニ), is a district in the town of Biratori in Hokkaidō, Japan. The population as of 2010 was 395 people. A particularly large proportion of the population of the district is of the indigenous Ainu ethnicity. With over 80% of the residents being Ainu, it makes it the city with the largest population of its residents being Ainu in all of Hokkaido. It is the site of the Nibutani Dam, and the hometown of Shigeru Kayano. Nibutani is also the site of two Ainu museums "Kayano Shigeru Nibutani Ainu museum" and the "Nibutani Ainu Culture Museum", as well as the Nibutani Family Land.

Coordinates: 42°38′10″N 142°09′35″E / 42.63611°N 142.15972°E / 42.63611; 142.15972