Nic Szeremeta

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Nic Szeremeta
Residence Torquay, England
Born June 1943 (age 73)
European Poker Tour
Title(s) None
Final table(s) None
Money finish(es) 1

Nic Szeremeta (born June 1943) is a poker player of mixed English/Polish descent, noted as a former editor of Poker Monthly magazine, and creator of the popular Late Night Poker television series (and commentator with Jesse May during its first three series.)

Early life[edit]

Nic's father, who used to play draw poker himself, was a rear gunner who went missing during World War II.

He began playing in 1962 during college, where he ran a game from his room. He was eventually asked to leave due to a French au pair being in his bed.


He formed his own newspaper and magazine publishing group in 1979 and sold it in 1989.

At the age of 47, he found it difficult to get work, so bought a betting office. It lost money despite a reasonable turnover, yet was sold at a profit.

In 1995, he was made secretary of the European Poker Players' Association. He was permanently on the poker circuit until 1998 when he began editing Poker Europa magazine. Around the same time he created Late Night Poker, although he eventually left the show due to a money dispute and disagreement about the show's direction.

He also helped create the World Heads-Up Poker Championship. Nic has played poker in over 10 countries to date.

His daughter Kate, a former piano teacher, also plays poker. He currently resides in the town of Torquay in the south west of England.

As of 2010, his total live tournament winnings exceed $190,000 [1]


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