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Nicalis, Inc.
Industry Computer and video games
Founded Santa Ana, California, U.S. (2007)
Founder Tyrone Rodriguez
Headquarters Santa Ana, California, U.S.
Area served

Nicalis, Inc. is an American video game developer and publisher based in Santa Ana, California. The company focuses primarily on indie games and has developed and published both original games as well as ports of existing games. Nicalis was founded in 2007[1] by Tyrone Rodriguez,[2] a former editor for IGN[2] and a former PR manager for GolinHarris/Nintendo.[3][non-primary source needed]


Since its founding, the company has developed and published several games, beginning with Dance Dance Revolution: Mobius in 2008[citation needed] and Cave Story in 2010 respectively. In October 2011, Nicalis announced that it would publish a port of VVVVVV for the Nintendo 3DS via the Nintendo eShop.[1] In December 2011, Nicalis offered both NightSky and Cave Story+ for sale as part of Humble Indie Bundle 4.[4] In April 2012, Nicalis accounced that its plans to publish the WiiWare port of La-Mulana in the US and EU had been cancelled citing a steep decline in the Wiiware userbase [5] and instead another company EnjoyUp Games rescued La-Mulana and published it on Wiiware. Nicalis has got an interesting reputation of not releasing games for consoles in Europe. Currently Europe is waiting for example 1001 Spikes, Cave Story 3D, Ikachan, Grinsia, Guxt to be released in the 3DS eShop.

Nicalis is currently the publisher of arcade racing game The 90's Arcade Racer which is expected to be finally released in 2015 (Wii U, Windows PC, Linux, Mac, Android, iOS). Also Cave Story 3D was teased in 2014 by Tyrone Rodriguez to be released in Nintendo 3DS eShop as digital download.




Cave Story was nominated for Game of the Year at the 2010 Nintendo Power Awards, as well as WiiWare Game of the Year.[6] The 3DS version of Cave Story was nominated for Best Adventure Game at the 2011 Nintendo Power Awards.[7] At the 2011 Independent Games Festival, Cave Story was a finalist in the category of "Excellence In Visual Art" and both Cave Story and NightSky received honorable mentions in the category of "Excellence In Audio."[8]


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