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Nicanor or Nikanor is the name of:


Ancient history[edit]

Modern period[edit]

  • Nicanor Abelardo (1893–1934), Filipino composer who composed over a hundred of Kundiman songs, especially before the Second World War
  • Nicanor Carmona (1842–1940), Peruvian politician in the early 20th century
  • Nicanor de Carvalho (born 1947), a manager of the Kashiwa Reysol soccer team in Japan in the 1990s
  • Nicanor Duarte (born 1956), President of Paraguay 2003–2008
  • Nicanor Faeldon (born 1965), Captain in the Philippine Marines and an alleged leader of the Oakwood Mutiny in 2003
  • Nikanor Grujić (1810–1887), Orthodox bishop, Serbian patriarch, writer, poet, orator and translator
  • Nikanor Hoveka (ca. 1875–1951), Chief of the Ovambanderu in South-West Africa
  • Nikanor Longinov, Governor of Yekaterinoslav Governorate (1832 - 1836)
  • Nicanor Costa Méndez (1922–1992), Foreign Minister of Argentina under Presidents Juan Carlos Onganía and Leopoldo Galtieri, and ambassador to Chile from 1962 to 1964
  • Nicanor Perlas (born 1950), Filipino activist and a recipient of the Right Livelihood Award in 2003
  • Nicanor Parra (born 1914), Chilean antipoet
  • Nicanor Tiongson, leading critic, creative writer and academic from the Philippines
  • Nicanor Yñiguez (1915–2007), Filipino politician
  • Nicanor Zabaleta (1907–1993), Basque-Spanish virtuoso and popularizer of the harp


  • Nicanor gate, eastern gate of the Second Temple
  • Nicanor Cave ancient cave in Mount Scopus, Jerusalem
  • Nikanor Plc, in the Democratic Republic of Congo, merged into Katanga Mining which is now owned by Glencore