Nicaraguan parliamentary election, 1927

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A parliamentary election was held in Nicaragua for half the seats of the Deputies and 1/3 the seats of the Senators on 4 September 1927.

The Elections had been held in several normally liberal districts where the civil war had prevented their being held at the usual time. Except in Bluefields, the liberals won, because the conservatives had promised Henry L. Stimson (former U.S. Secretary of War) that they would not present candidates. In Estelí, however, bandit operations had made voting impossible in many districts, and the liberals asked that a supplementary election be held. [1]

American marines acted as unofficial observers in various departments where elections were held at the end of August, 1927, to select Senators and Deputies in those districts where elections were not held in 1926 because of revolutionary disturbances, but there was no American supervision of these elections. The Conservatives did not contest in the principal Liberal departments. [2]

Legislative election results [3][edit]

Parties and alliances Votes % Seats/ Senate (1927) Seats/ Chamber of Deputies (1927) Seats/ Senate (total) Seats/ Chamber of Deputies (total)
Liberal Party (PL) ?? ?? ?? ?? 05 14
Conservative Party (PC) ?? ?? ?? ?? 19 29
Total valid votes ?? 100% ?? ?? 24 43
Spoilt and invalid votes ?? ??
Total votes/Turnout ?? ??
Registered voters ??
Population 670,000


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