Nicaraguan spider monkey

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Nicaraguan spider monkey
Scientific classification
Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Chordata
Class: Mammalia
Order: Primates
Family: Atelidae
Genus: Ateles
Species: A. geoffroyi
Subspecies: A. g. geoffroyi
Trinomial name
Ateles geoffroyi geoffroyi
(Kuhl, 1820)
  • frontatus Gray, 1842
  • melanochir Desmarest, 1820
  • trianguligera Weinland, 1862

The Nicaraguan spider monkey (Ateles geoffroyi geoffroyi), is a subspecies of Geoffroy's spider monkey, a type of New World monkey, from Central America.[1][2] It is native to Nicaragua and parts of Costa Rica closest to Nicaragua plus the Guanacaste peninsula.[1][3] The population in Guanacaste and much of Nicaragua is sometimes considered to be a separate subspecies, A. g. frontatus.[3] But other authorities consider A. g. frontatus to be a synonym of A. g. geoffroyi.[2]

Its arms, thighs, back and chest are grayish or brownish. Its hands and feet are black. Its elbows, knees, lower arms and legs may or may not be black. It has a gold, yellow or buff abdomen and a black face with light eye rings.[3]

Nicaraguan spider monkey having lunch


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