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Nice Dreams Music
Parent company Spun Records
Founded 2004
Founder G.M.S.
Genre Ambient
Country of origin Spain Ibiza, Spain
Official website

Company history[edit]

Nice Dreams Music, from the heart of Ibiza. This is the chill out division of Spun Records created in 2004.

Its first release "Multiple Organisms" compiled by Celli Earthling has been an amazing success. It brought together a rare collection of slick down tempo cuts, Psy-Lounge or other tempo electronic adventures. All composed by the cream of today’s leading electronic music producers.

With great reviews and popular response to the first release, the Nice Dreams crew is ready to release the second compilation by Dj Celli entitled “Temple of Science”, due in 2007. Future compilations include “Ibiza on the Rocks” that will be a lounge style compilation hosting some of the Island’s most sought after artists.

Nice Dreams Music provides an alternative platform for the change in today’s electronic music scene. With the many new emerging styles at hand, from chill out to electro & progressive, dub, and beyond. It has found a recipe for galvanization.

Chill out has always been essential to the party frequenters. Just as there is day and night, yin and a yang, there is full on electro music, and then there is chill out. It is always there, in the back ground at a groovy cafe or in a lounge like the world famous Bambuddha in Ibiza.

Ambient and chill out has a durability about it, which can enhances the state of relaxation. Also, it can become semi or even completely danceable and thus it is often used in clubs and discos in the beginning as a mood lifter.

Nice dream has all these source tapped and is ready to give your mind a moment of peace, your body a little rest and your heart some recharging. Thus you can be assured of a Nice Dream too.

List of CD Releases[edit]

  • ndmcd001 Multiple Organisms
  • ndmcd002 Temple of Science

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