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Nice Shoes
Industry Post-production,
Founded 1996
Headquarters New York City, Toronto, Chicago, Minneapolis, Boston, USA, Canada
Number of locations
Services Design, Animation, Visual effects, Color grading, Virtual Reality

Nice Shoes is a creative studio with locations in New York, Toronto,[1] Boston,[2] Chicago,[3] and Minneapolis;[4] specializing in production and post production for commercials, web content, film, television, and music videos. Nice Shoes has worked on spots and campaigns for a variety of clients, such as Under Armour,[5] IBM,[6] Frontline,[7] Estee Lauder,[8] and Comedy Central.[9] The studio has a history of delivering award-winning work, most recently collaborating with Digitas to craft the Take It From A Fish campaign for Astrazeneca, the 2015 Grand Prix Lion winner in the Cannes Lions 'Pharma' category.[10] Nice Shoes has recently crafted end titles for Universal Studios' hit film Pitch Perfect 2 [11] and aided filmmakers Josh and Benny Safdie in developing a look for the festival-winning Heaven Knows What.[12] The studio has also developed a proprietary remote collaboration technology, with partnerships in Atlanta,[13] Austin,[14] Boston,[15] Dallas,[16] Detroit,[17] Los Angeles,[18] and Miami,[19] extending Nice Shoes' reach throughout North America.[20]


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