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Niche Insurance is insurance that is provided for small, low-demand areas. Insurance is vital to protect the potential financial losses of individuals and businesses. Although the policies that are usually required are easily available, such as automobile, home, life, travel, and business insurance, other forms of cover can be very difficult to obtain.[citation needed]

Examples are:

  • Drivers with convictions[citation needed]
  • Home owners who have previously made a large claim
  • Professions which are unusual (Piano Tuners) or high risk (Scaffolders).
  • Temporary event Insurance (Fêtes, Live Music Events)

In these circumstances, a specialist insurer is required for these niche areas. The specialist may have expert knowledge of the particular risk or can provide policies which have been tailored to fit the need. Often, approaching others with similar circumstances in internet forums, associations or competitors in the same trade can help track down these niche products.[citation needed]

Niche Insurance: Life Insurrance