Nicholas Black

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Nicholas Black
Brookside character
Portrayed by Alan Rothwell
Duration 1985–86
First appearance 4 November 1985
Last appearance 25 November 1986
Created by Phil Redmond
Classification Former; regular

Nicholas Black was a regular character in UK Channel 4 soap opera Brookside between 1985 and 1986, played by Alan Rothwell.[1]

He married Heather Huntingdon on 30 June 1986, just months after they met when she crashed into his car. Heather was a young attractive career lady and it seemed strange that she would fall for the dull-looking middle aged divorcee Nicholas.[2]

As with the later character, John Harrison, the writers attempted to make the character more interesting by giving him a flaw.

In this case, Nicholas and his best friend Charlie, were heroin addicts. Nicholas lied to Heather about his addiction and despite Barry Grant's warnings, Heather ignored this until it was too late.

Nicholas overdosed on heroin and his ex-wife advised Heather to leave him. Heather stayed with him, however it wasn't long before he was stealing from her to fund his habit.

In November 1986 Heather finally told him to leave. Four days later he was found dead on a park bench.


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