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Nicholas Griffin is a Canadian-based philosopher. He holds the Canada Research Chair in Philosophy at McMaster University, Hamilton, Ontario. He obtained his Ph.D. at Australian National University.[1] Griffin's main area of research is Bertrand Russell. In reviewing Griffin's book Russell's Idealist Apprenticeship, Ray Monk comments that Griffin's account of Russell's early philosophical development 'is more detailed, more coherent, more plausible and ultimately more interesting' than some previous accounts,[2] and that the book is 'is one of the finest works of philosophical scholarship I have ever read'.[3]


  • Relative Identity (1977)
  • Russell's Idealist Apprenticeship (1991)
  • The Selected Letters of Bertrand Russell, Vol. 1, The Private Years 1884-1914 (editor) 1992
  • The Selected Letters of Bertrand Russell, Vol. 2: The Public Years 1914-1970 (editor) 2001
  • The Cambridge Companion to Bertrand Russell (editor) 2003
  • Bertrand Russell. A Pacifist at War: Letters and Writings 1914-1918 (editor) 2014


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