Nicholas II Garay

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Nicholas II Garay
Palatine of Hungary; Ban of Croatia, Dalmatia and Slavonia
Ban of Croatia
Reign 1392 – 1394, 1394 – 1402
Predecessor Ivan Frankopan of Krk
Successor Ladislav Grđevački
Ban of Slavonia
Reign 1397 – 1402
Predecessor Detrik Bubek
Successor Ladislav Grđevački
Palatine of Hungary
Reign 1402 – 1433
Predecessor Detrik Bubek
Successor Máté III Pálóczy
Spouse Teodora Lazarević
Anna of Cilli
Issue Ladislaus II Garay
Catherine Garay
House House of Garay
Father Nicholas I Garay
Born 1367
Died 1433

Nicholas II Garay (Croatian: Nikola II Gorjanski, Hungarian: Garai Miklós II; 1367–1433) was the Palatine of Hungary from 1402 until 1433 and the ban of Macsó, Usora, , Slavonia, Croatia and Dalmatia. He also ruled over Braničevo, Syrmia, Bačka, Banat and Baranya regions through vassals. Together with his close ally Stibor of Stiboricz, he became one of the richest and most powerful nobles in Hungary for over 30 years. The valiant Miklós II Garay governed over national matters as the factual Ruler of Hungary next to the King Sigismund. In 1416 Sigismund extended their armorial bearings showing the Order of the Dragon and the Order of the Scarf. He presented the patent to his brother-in-law.

Nicholas II's first wife was Theodora of Serbia, daughter of Prince Lazar of Serbia. In 1405, he married Anna of Cilli, sister of King Sigismund's second wife, Barbara of Cilli, thereby becoming brother-in-law of the King and Queen of Hungary. His granddaughter Anna was engaged to King Matthias Corvinus.

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