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Nicholas R. Mann (born 1952) is the author of books on geomancy, mythology, the Celtic tradition, sacred geometry and, most recently, archaeoastronomy. Glastonbury, England, Avebury, England, Sedona, Arizona (USA) and Washington, DC (USA) are all locations which feature in his work. His book Druid Magic: The Practice of Celtic Wisdom, co-written with Maya Sutton, PhD, has been described by the British Druid Order as "the single best work on the practice of modern Druidry in existence today."[citation needed] He is also an illustrator, producing the images for the Silver Branch Cards, a Tarot deck of his own design.[1] He was born in Sussex, England, and received his BA with Honours in ancient history and social anthropology at the University of London.[citation needed] He lives in Glastonbury, England with his partner Philippa Glasson, with whom he co-authored The Star Temple of Avalon: Glastonbury's Ancient Observatory Revealed.[2]