Nicholas Nevid

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Nicholas Nevid
Personal information
Full name Nicholas Nevid
Nickname(s) "Nick"
National team  United States
Born 1960
Sport Swimming
Strokes Breaststroke, medley
Club Nashville Aquatic Club
College team University of Texas

Nicholas Nevid (born 1960) is a retired world-champion American swimmer.[1] He is now a physiologist with a strong interest in marine biology.

Nick grew up in Elm Grove, Wisconsin. His sister is Nancy Nevid Kryka, a member of the Minnesota Masters Swimming Hall of Fame.[2] His brother is the medal-winning triathlete Nathan "Nate" Nevid.[3][4]


Nevid attended the University of Texas, where he was a member of the Texas Longhorns swimming and diving team[5] and the Nashville Aquatic Club.[6]

Among his most notable accomplishments as a breaststroke swimmer:

Because of the 1980 Summer Olympics boycott, he was unable to compete in the 1980 Olympics.

He coached swimming for one year at Auburn University; for one year with the Las Vegas Gold team, led by Olympic Gold Medalist Rowdy Gaines; for two years with the Columbus Aquatic Club in Columbus, Georgia; and for one year at Louisiana State University.


Nick attended Brookfield Central High School (Brookfield, Wisconsin); Brentwood Academy (Brentwood, Tennessee); and Austin High School (Austin, Texas), from which he graduated in 1978.

He earned a B.A. degree in biology from the University of Texas in 1983.[12]

In 1993, he earned a Ph.D. degree in physiology from Louisiana State University.[13][14]

Physiology and marine biology[edit]

Dr. Nick Nevid has raised marine foodfish in offshore aquaculture cages in the Bahamas and Panama. He also developed Proaquatix,[15] which was the second largest producer of marine ornamental fish in the world.

His research includes original work on biofouling prevention.[16]

Among his publications/patents:


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