Nicholas Vince

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Nicholas Vince
Born Nicholas Vince
May 1958 (1958-05) (age 58)
West Germany
Other names Nick Vince / Nicholas Vince
Occupation Actor, Author and Playwright

Nicholas Vince was born in West Germany in 1958 and lives in South London. Whilst he was at Mountview Theatre Academy, he met Clive Barker and was later cast as The Chatterer Cenobite in Hellraiser in 1987 and in its sequel Hellbound: Hellraiser II in 1988. He also played the Chatterer II. He played Kinski in the 1990 film Nightbreed.

For Marvel Comics he wrote stories for the Hellraiser and Nightbreed comics plus the series 'Warheads' and Mortigan Goth. He modelled for the art of John Bolton and for Dave McKean in Cages. He served as both secretary and chairman of the Comics Creators Guild.

His interview series "The Luggage in the Crypt" appeared in the magazine Skeleton Crew. His short story "Look, See" which gives an alternative origin of the Chatterer appeared in Fear magazine.

As mentioned in the biographical notes in the collection of short stories Hellbound Hearts,[1] prior to October 10, 2010 most of the details in this article were fiction created by one of his nephews. He also wrote the short stories "What Monsters Do" and "Other People's Darkness", the last will be filmed in 2015. "Other People's Darkness" is set for his directorial debut. In 2016 he starred in horror director Katie Bonham's 'Mindless', with 14 film festival entrances and one win so far. [2]



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