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Arms of Nichol de Moels, from the Glover Roll: "d'argent od deux barres de gules ovec trois moeles de gules en le chief" (Argent, two bars gules in chief three torteaux)

Nicholas de Moels was a medieval Norman administrator in Somerset.


He was born about 1195. He married, as her second husband, Hawise de Newmarch, younger daughter & co-heiress of James de Newmarch feudal baron of North Cadbury, Somerset, in about 1224.[1][2] In 1230 he was granted the royal demesne manors of Kingskerswell and Diptford in Devon.[3]

De Moels served as High Sheriff of Hampshire (1228–1232), High Sheriff of Devon (1234), and High Sheriff of Yorkshire (1239–1242) ; and Constable of Winchester Castle, Pembroke Castle, Haverfordwest Castle, Cilgerran Castle, Tenby Castle, Rochester Castle (1247), Canterbury Castle (1247) and Corfe Castle. He was also governor of the Channel Islands.[4]

In 1244 he won a victory over French forces at Navarre, returned to fight in the Welsh wars and was made governor of the castles of Caernarvon and Cardigan. In 1246 he was then made Constable of Dover Castle, High Sheriff of Kent in 1247 and Lord Warden of the Cinque Ports in 1258. [4]

He died sometime after 1264 but sometime before 1272.[5]

Children by Hawise de Newmarch[edit]

  1. Agnes de Moels was born about 1230 at Cadbury. She became the second wife of William de Braose, Lord of Bramber and Gower;[6]
  2. Roger de Moels was born about 1233/1237. He was appointed Marshal of the Army. Roger was also a governor of the castle of Lampsdervour in Ceredigion. He died in 1294;[6] His second son was John de Moels, 1st Baron Moels (d. 1310).
  3. James de Moels was born about 1254 either at Cadbury or at Chidecot, Lew, Exbourne, Devonshire, England;[6] He predeceased his father.
  4. Maud de Moels was born about 1258 at Chidecot. She married Richard de Lorti,[6] heir to the barony of Stoke Trister, Somerset.


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Preceded by
Roger Northwode
Lord Warden of the Cinque Ports
Succeeded by
Richard de Grey