Nicholaus Goossen

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Nicholaus Goossens
Born Nicholaus Edward Goossens
(1978-08-18) August 18, 1978 (age 38)
Los Angeles, California, U.S.
Occupation Director, photographer

Nicholaus Edward Goossens (born August 18, 1978) is a director, and a photographer.

Life and career[edit]

Goossen's first feature film was Grandma's Boy for Happy Madison Productions and 20th Century Fox. He collaborated with Adam Sandler (executive producer of Grandma's Boy) on the album Shhh...Don't Tell as a writer and co-producer in addition to performing on the track "Gay Robot".

Goossen directed the music video for the album's first single "Secret". It features Adam Sandler and comedian Nick Swardson (co-writer and star of Grandma's Boy) singing about the benefits of having trimmed pubic hair.

Goossen's previous credits include the short film A Day With the Meatball, which once again featured Sandler but focused primarily on his bulldog Meatball. The two-minute piece showcases the dog meandering around various places until he ends up back in his master's arms. It was shown in theaters around the United States in 2002 as an attachment to Sandler's animated film Eight Crazy Nights.

Goossen helped create Sandler's official website and directed several short films for the site.

In 2009, Goossen directed the horror film, The Shortcut in Saskatchewan, Canada. The film tells the story of two brothers who learn first hand about an urban legend surrounding a shortcut near their school.

In 2010, Goossen was the director of a Times Square interactive billboard installation for retailer Forever 21 which was developed by space150; the installation received media coverage for being "a clever, fresh project," but later, coverage focused on its similarities to Chris O'Shea's 2009 project in Liverpool.[1]


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He did standup on comedy central

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