Nicholson (name)

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Family name
Meaning derived from "Son of Nichol"
Region of origin Germany
Related names DeNicola, DiNicola, McNichol, McNicholl, McNicol, Mikołajewicz, Mykolayenko, Mykolenko Nicolăescu, Nicolescu, Niculescu, Nielsen, Nigog(h)osian, Nigog(h)osyan, Nikog(h)osian, Nikog(h)osyan, Nikoladze, Nikolajević, Nikolaou, Nikolayev, Nikolayevsky, Nikolaou, Nikolić, Nikolopoulos, Nikolov, Nikolovski, Nilsen, Nilsson, Papanikolaou
Footnotes: [1]

Nicholson is a Germanic surname. It is a patronymic form of the given name Nichol, which was a common medieval form of Nicholas.[2]

People with the surname[edit]


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